Spumante Cuvée Rosé Brut

A very pleasant Rosé sparkling wine with a bright colour and lively bubbles.

84% Glera - 16% Incrocio Manzoni Moscato Rosa

Veneto Region, Province of Treviso

Clayey flatland


150m above sea level

Double overturned

18,000 kg


This wine is a blend of Glera and Moscato Rosa of the same year. Secondary fermentation at controlled temperature of 16-18° in autoclave for about 40 days with the addition of select yeasts.

Bright pink with fine and persistent bubbles.

Fruity, with strong nuances of apple, pear and apricot. Flower scents are recognisable, in particular lime.

Well structured, balanced acidity and savouriness with a final dry taste.

Excellent for aperitifs and cocktails, during the entire meal with fish and shellfish dishes.

8/9° C (46°/48° F)


10 g/l

5,5 g/l

5,5 bar

750 ml

272 KJ / 66 Kcal

<1 g

<1 g

1,0 g