Joani Spumante Millesimato Extra Dry

Made with Glera-Chardonnay grapes coming from the hills of Montello, where grandfather Giovanni, better known as Joani, was born. We dedicate this sparkling wine to him and his land. An elegant wine with a rich bouquet and a savoury taste.

85% Glera - 15% Chardonnay

Veneto Region, Province of Treviso. It is made with rigorously selected grapes coming from a vineyard belonging to the Winery and located in the Montello Area.



280m above sea level

Double overturned

18,000 kg

End of September/October

After the cryomaceration that lasts 12-18 hours, select yeasts are added and the wine becomes bubbly in according to the Charmat method with secondary fermentation in autoclave for about 90 days at a temperature of 16-18 °C.

Bright straw yellow. Very fine and persistent bubbles.

Elegant, rich and harmonious with an intense scent of apricot, wisteria and acacia.

Balanced acidity, savoury, full-bodied with a dry final taste.

Good with pasta and rice dishes, white meat and fish.

8/9° C (46°/48° F)


15 g/l

6 g/l

5,5 bar

750 ml

286 KJ / 69 Kcal

<1 g

<1 g

1,5 g