Follador Prosecco Superiore Vineyards


Prosecco Superiore DOCG and Treviso DOC Vineyards

Most of the FOLLADOR vineyards owned and used for the production of Valdobbiadene Superiore, are strategically positioned to face south-southwest, where sun exposure is prevalent and favourable for ripening. Before the harvest (September-October), grapes are carefully inspected for quality and maturity, and harvest dates are planned.

In addition to the production obtained by our own vineyards, we also use selected grapes from local farmers, whose contribution, strong relationships, and trust has lasted for decades.

We believe that in order to enhance grape quality, it is necessary to enhance the land. To respect the environment, we carry out pesticide treatments that are not aggressive or harmful to nature, using the latest and most appropriate methods and equipment. We cooperate with the Faculty of Agriculture at the University of Padua, using part of our vineyards to conduct experimental work on reducing the amount of pesticides used.

Chardonnay Vineyards

The specifications for the Valdobbiadene Superiore D.O.C.G. Prosecco allow the wine to be blended with up to 10% of other varieties, including the Chardonnay. This makes the Prosecco slightly fuller without altering its characteristics.

FOLLADOR has purchased vineyards at Montello, an area about 20 km from Valdobbiadene, because its soil composition is well suited to the cultivation of these grapes. This is also the homeland of Italia Rossi’s father Giovanni Rossi, whose nickname was “Joani”. To him we have dedicated “JOANI”, a fruity and elegant sparkling wine.

Cabernet Vineyards

Our commitment to the art of winemaking has inspired a new challenge: to produce an exceptional red wine of our own. Once again, the land of Montello proves excellent for producing fine, well-structured reds. These vineyards are all owned by FOLLADOR, and are located on the hills of Montello Colli Asolani.

Training courses and studies at the I.N.R.A. in Montpellier, France, have led Francesca and Michele, together with their father Gianfranco, to improve and refine a limited production of the jewel of the FOLLADOR House: the CABERNET MONTELLO E COLLI ASOLANI CA’ DEI NONI. This is a proud red, obtained by drying hand-harvested grapes and placing them on racks for about 20 days, at low temperatures and constant ventilation, before production begins. | Subscribe to our Newsletter | Follador Prosecco Via Gravette, 42 31010 Col San Martino Treviso - Italy P.I. IT00533430260
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